Advisor Corps

Kindling the Flame of Education

The Minor Preston Scholars Program honors the legacy of Rives Minor and Asalie Preston by carrying forward their work as teachers, counselors, and role models. At the core of the Scholars Program is the belief that a sustained personal engagement with students, especially those who are the first generation in their family to attend college, increases the likelihood that they will succeed in their academic studies and enjoy a fulfilling career and life.

The Scholars Program provides a range of resources, tools, and skills to realize educational and life goals. But no resource is more central to the program, more important to a Scholar, than an Advisor—a caring, knowledgeable person there to encourage them to commit deeply to their education, understand themselves more fully, and gain greater self-confidence.

Advisors are an invaluable community resource. Because the Minor Preston Fund honors educators and education, Advisors in the Scholars Program have substantial experience in education and a deep commitment to working with youth. Most, though not all, Advisors are current or retired local school teachers and counselors. The Scholars Program matches this invaluable community resource with

Advise One Scholar ~ Change Two Lives  The benefits of serving as an Advisor are many, including the opportunity to share your lifetime of experience with a Scholar, to support his or her academic and career success, and to have a positive impact in your community by supporting the education of our young people.

As the Minor Preston Fund moves forward, kindling the flame of education for another generation of students in our community, we invite caring and open persons interested in engaging with young people to consider serving as a Scholars Program Advisor. Service is not limited to educators. Those willing to share their time and their own college and life experience to support a Scholar are encouraged to contact the Program Director after familiarizing themselves with an Advisor’s roles, responsibilities, and general qualifications for service.


Roles of an Advisor

Advisors assume various roles in their relationship with a Scholar. These roles may change over time and are usually determined by the Scholar’s needs, desires, and interests. The roles that an Advisor assumes may increase in number as the relationship develops.

  • Positive role model | Demonstrate exemplary behavior and offer values that increase chances for personal and career success and happiness

  • Advocate and Supporter | Provide encouragement as the Scholar embarks on new experiences
  • Coach | Provide learning opportunities, offer experience as a guide, and encourage the Scholar  to maximize his or her potential

  • Friend | Be consistently available and sincere; extend a caring and unconditional friendship

Responsibilities of an Advisor

  • Serve as role model, coach, advocate, and friend for a Scholar

  • Participate in training and supervisory meetings with staff and other Advisors
  • Complete program reporting forms and remain in regular contact with Program Director

  • Maintain meaningful contact and engagement with a Scholar, especially at critical times in the academic year
  • Participate in program events and activities

Qualifications to Serve

  • Background or substantial interest in education and working with youth

  • Warmth, openness, and patience

  • Desire to work with a Scholar and be accessible to them during their college years

  • Willingness to understand, listen, and share

  • Good moral character and demeanor

  • Ability to pass a standard background check for working with youth

Calendar of Events
Mid-year Social & In-Service Training
Scholars Recognition Night
Annual Training Workshop

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