A Generation Supported

You can best measure the legacy of the Minor Preston Educational Fund by its alumni, nearly 1,000 strong, whose educations the family of Rives Minor and Asalie Preston have generously supported through the decades, and by the countless lives and the communities these alumni have enriched. Graduates of more than 40 colleges and universities, Minor Preston Alumni have made lives and careers throughout the U.S. and abroad. And a significant number have chosen to remain in the Charlottesville area, working in both the public and private sectors and contributing to the community that first supported them.


A Generation Giving Back

Many in the first generation of scholarship recipients have answered the call to give back to the Minor Preston Educational Fund—to re-generate the Fund, to support the Minor Preston Scholars, and to join in kindling the flame of education for generations to come. These alumni share their time, expertise, and financial resources. Please join your fellow Minor Preston Alumni in answering the call to serve the next generation.


How Alumni Can Support the Fund

Join the Minor Preston Scholars

Serve as an Advisor





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Give back to the Fund, today.