35th Anniversary and Generational Campaign

To mark its 35th anniversary, the Minor Preston Educational Fund has established the Generational Campaign, an initiative to increase the human and financial resources necessary to support the Fund’s mission of kindling the flame of education for generations to come.

We call it generational because it

  • Acknowledges the Minor Preston Fund’s 35 years of helping to educate college students and marks the start of a new generation in the life of the Fund.
  • Connects the nearly 1,000 recipients of the Fund’s support—a generation of the Minor Preston Fund family—to Rives Minor and Asalie Preston and the generations of students they taught.
  • Recognizes the durable, lifelong bond between teacher and student and the responsibility of successive generations to strengthen this bond by giving back.
  • Embraces the vital need to re-generate the resources of the Fund by increasing financial capacity and engaging alumni, the academic Advisor Corps, and the broader community.

Goals of the Generational Campaign

Enhance the financial resources of the Scholars Program

Engage a majority of alumni in all activities of the Minor Preston Fund

Increase contributions of time and talent from alumni and community

When you join others in giving to the
Generational Campaign you . . .

Foster Change

  • Help provide scholarships to the next generation of  Scholars.
  • Help support program costs and the training of Advisors.
  • Change a young person’s life.
  • Kindle the flame of education.

Ensure Stability  

  • Help the Minor Preston Educational Fund maintain a reserve.
  • Ensure sustainability for the next generation.
  • Join in the legacy of the Minor Preston family.
  • Strengthen our community.

There Are Many Ways to Support Us

Donate above or by mail

Minor Preston Educational Fund

P.O. Box 274 Charlottesville VA 22902

 Join fellow Alumni contributing time and talent

Serve as an Advisor

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