Program Information

The Minor Preston Scholars Program addresses the need for greater engagement with first generation to college students so as to ensure a successful and fulfilling academic experience and a timely graduation.

Engagement means more than a financial award, as beneficial as such an award might be. The Scholars Program does offer significant financial assistance for up to four years of college. But its core benefit for participants is the experience of being paired with an Advisor drawn primarily from a corps of current and retired high school teachers and counselors. Advisors support and counsel their Scholar throughout their college years. Working with the Program Director, Advisors track their Scholar’s academic progress and assess any needs that might be met or addressed by the Scholars Program. Scholars are responsible for engaging with their Advisor, setting goals and evaluating their progress, maintaining satisfactory grades, and fulfilling other program requirements designed to develop life skills and ensure success not only in college but in the career to follow.


of students accepted remain in Scholars Program


of Scholars graduating have done so within four years




of Advisors trained have continued as Advisors


  • Financial assistance of $3,000 each academic year, for up to four years.
  • Academic support of a Scholars Program Advisor, often a current or retired educator
  • Peer support of fellow Minor Preston Scholars and Scholars Program alumni
  • Semester regimen of goal-setting, self-evaluation, accountability, and other beneficial life skills



  • Set academic goals and complete a self-evaluation based on these goals each semester
  • Engage in a regular and meaningful manner with a Scholars Program Advisor and the Program Director to maintain academic progress and meet program requirements
  • Provide an academic evaluation by a faculty member or college advisor each semester
  • Provide an academic transcript indicating good academic standing each semester



  • Graduating senior of a Charlottesville/Albemarle County public high school
  • First generation to go to college, minority, or immigrant
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Grades and academic program sufficient for admission to college or university



  • Applications available late-fall from school counseling offices in Charlottesville and Albemarle County public high schools
  • Applications must be completed in consultation with school counselor
  • Applications reviewed and submitted directly by the school counseling office no later than February 15
  • Finalists interviewed at high schools in early-April

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