Ada Brown

Ada Brown

Retired Educator

I chose to be a Scholars Program Advisor because . . .

I taught school for over thirty-one years and I love working with students. As teachers, we are to love, care, support, guide, advise, model, explain, listen, and be present for our students.

The challenges of serving as an Advisor include . . .

being trustworthy and honest. To show your Scholar that you are there for them, listening, caring, and expressing love, and working together to solve problems. This is an opportunity to share our experiences of college life with Scholars. There must be open communication at all times.

The rewards of serving as an Advisor include . . .

observing the growth and development of each Scholar as they realize success. The opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the education and life of a Scholar. The work of an Advisor is priceless.

Support a scholar, today.