Yvonne Brown

Yvonne Brown

Retired Educator and High School Counselor

I chose to be a Scholars Program Advisor because . . .

I love working with people. Serving as a Scholars Program Advisor gives me the opportunity to help, direct, and give back my educational knowledge to help the next generation to achieve their goals.

The challenges of serving as an Advisor include . . .

staying up to date on current trends among students, and especially maintaining contact with Scholars. Staying in touch can be more difficult than it would appear. Schedules are sometimes next to impossible as you attempt to keep track of a Scholar’s classes, work schedules and social life. The goal is that your Scholar knows that you are there to assist them.

The rewards of serving as an Advisor include . . .

see a Scholar complete his or her academic studies and become a productive citizen with a good career.

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