Donna Morris

Donna Morris

Retired Elementary School Librarian

I chose to be a Scholars Program Advisor because . . .

of my association with the Imani Project while working at Venable Elementary School in the 1990s. Edie Wheeler created the program to help underperforming disadvantaged students become more successful in school. Participating in the Imani Project was meaningful and enjoyable, and it helped me to have a more successful library program. Edie asked me to consider serving as a Scholars Program Advisor and I knew that this too would be a meaningful program. I saw it as another way that I could use my experience in the field of education to hopefully help young people in my community.

The challenges of serving as an Advisor include . . .

taking that initial step to create a sincere and respectful relationship with my Scholar. Fortunately, the training the Scholars Program provides, along with the relationships I developed with other Advisors helped me to know better what to expect and to be able to step into this new role.

The rewards of serving as an Advisor include . . .

watching my Scholar embrace this big adventure and sharing the experience with her. I am very proud of how she has worked through adversity. I feel as though I have added a member to my family, and I am enjoying both her concerns and her joys.

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